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Listing ID Category Title Location
 308994 Lost: DogsT-cup tri-colored ChihuahuaLehigh Acres, Florida. 33936
282741 Lost: CatsPlease help us find our catLehigh Acres, Florida. 33936
 279276 Lost: Animals / Pets2 large black lab/pit mixLehigh Acres, Florida. 33971
 278685 Lost: Dogs WHITE GREAT PYRENEESLehigh Acres, Florida. 33976
265254 Found: DogsFound Small Black Yorkie/ChihuahuaLehigh Acres, Florida. 33974
 263450 Lost: Glasses, Sunglasses, Cases and BinocularsBlack binoculars with harnessLehigh Acres, Florida. 33936
259295 Lost: DogsSOLID BLACK CHIHUAHUA Lehigh Acres, Florida. 33971
256283 Found: DogsFound Brown Cocker SpanielLehigh Acres, Florida. 33976
249169 Lost: DogsSmall brown-tan chihuahuaLehigh Acres, Florida. 33976
 246866 Found: DogsSmall pekineseLehigh Acres, Florida. 33936
 242140 Lost: DogsDASCHUNDLehigh Acres, Florida. 33936
240244 Lost: DogsPitbull blue/grayLehigh Acres, Florida. 33971
 240173 Lost: CatsLong hair tabby, GOLD eyes, brn/blk.crmLehigh Acres, Florida. 33971
 141781 Found: DogsChihuahuaLehigh Acres, Florida. 33936
137899 Lost: DogsWhite PekingeseLehigh Acres, Florida. 33936
136284 Lost: DogsGolden Labrador retrieverLehigh acres, Florida. 33936
 136131 Found: PantsArizona jeansLehigh acres, Florida. 33971
134741 Lost: DogsPitbullLehigh Acres, Florida. 33971
130754 Lost: DogsJack RussellLehigh Acres, Florida. 33936
 125010 Lost: DogsBridgetteLehigh Acres, Florida. 33936
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